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Membership Plus

REMSA Health’s longstanding membership programs, Silver Saver and Flight Plan, are now part of one program called Membership Plus. In addition to the peace of mind you get from having a membership, you can also expect new health and wellness benefits as the Membership Plus program grows. 

A medical emergency can happen at any time, to anybody. If one does happen, your first thought shouldn’t be how you’re going to afford it. Protect yourself and your loved ones by investing in REMSA Health’s Membership Plus. An annual payment covers the cost of medically necessary transports for your entire household, bringing you to a hospital to receive the care you need.

While Membership Plus is not insurance, it helps you feel at ease by protecting your household from out-of-pocket expenses, such as deductibles and/or copays for medically necessary transports, that may not be covered by your insurance policy, Medicare Part B, or another health benefits payor. After all, having peace of mind is priceless.

Each individual has different needs and every household has a different story. Luckily, the Membership Plus program offers three packages to fit your lifestyle:

  • REMSA Health Package (ground ambulance transport): $75
  • Care Flight Package (air medical transport): $65
  • Premier Package (includes both emergency ground and air transport): $110

Regardless of which package you choose to safeguard your loved ones, you can rest assured that you’ll get help when and where you need it. When a medical emergency occurs, don’t let cost impact your decision to call 911. Prioritize your well-being.

Details: The effective date for a Membership Plus date is the date that REMSA Health/Care Flight receives a completed application and Membership Plus fees, plus a three-day waiting period. Memberships are effective for one year. Membership includes only transport by ground ambulance and rotor wing; it does not include transport on the fixed wing aircraft. A copy of the Full Terms and Conditions are available here.

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Care Flight is a member of the Association of Air Medical Membership Programs (AAMMP). Membership Plus’ Care Flight Package is included in the AAMMP and will be honored for emergency air medical transportation by the following reciprocal programs (subject to change):

Air St. Luke’s – Boise, ID

Enloe Flight Care – Chico, CA

Life Flight Network, Aurora, OR

Sierra Saver Membership — Plumas County Residents

Sierra Saver Membership

Care Flight Ground in Plumas County offers a ground membership plan that is designed to cover reasonable, out-of-pocket costs if medically necessary ground ambulance transport is needed. For only $69 a year, a Sierra Saver membership covers your household for medically necessary ambulance transport. Sierra Saver membership extends to everyone in your household. Care Flight Ground will work with a patient’s insurance company to maximize coverage, but for remaining charges, a Sierra Saver membership may save you money.

Sierra Saver membership is available to persons living within the Plumas District Hospital area boundaries and is primarily serviced by the Plumas District Hospital ground ambulance service.



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